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Backflow Preventer Inspection

Backflow Preventer Inspection

Otis Certified Backflow Preventer Inspection, Testing, Repair and Installation Services Vancouver

Backflow is the unwanted reversal of water flow into a potable water system. Backflow can arise due to a cross-connection within the municipal water system, which exists when there is a connection between city water system and any other system which could carry used water back into the potable water system.

Water is generally provided with a certain pressure from the city line; however, in some circumstances, the water pressure can drop significantly (low pressure can be caused by the demand of water in the area, burst pipes, municipal water work etc.). Reduced pressure can result in a backward flow of the contaminated water into the city distribution pipes. Take a look at some examples below, which signifies what you could end up drinking from your tap.

  • Backflow of water in a rusted and corroded sprinkler pipe back into the drinking water system.
  • Connecting a garden hose to domestic water supply and using it to spray fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Backflow of water from a commercial dishwasher back into the drinking water system.

Backflow devices are designed to prevent the drinking water supply from being contaminated by foreign particles for the purpose of keeping water clean. Hence, municipalities require annual inspection and testing of these devices to ensure their proper functionality.

Backflow Preventer Inspection and Testing Requirements

Backflow prevention systems are susceptible to wear and tear over time. It is necessary to hire our licensed technicians for backflow preventer inspections, testing, and maintenance. Otis Fire Protection Inc. technicians are BCWWA licensed and highly trained to take good care of your backflow devices.

Backflow preventer inspections can be performed daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Weekly/monthly visual inspection
  • Reduced pressure
  • Reduced pressure detectors
  • Control valves (sealed, locked or supervised) (NFPA 25:
Monthly visual inspection
  • Double check valves
  • Control valves (sealed, locked or supervised) (NFPA 25:
Annual functionality test
  • Full forward flow test (NFPA:
  • Full backflow test
  • Testing of an irrigation backflow (NFPA 25: 13.7.1)
5 Year Internal Inspection
  • Verify correct operation of all components (NFPA 25: 13.7.1)

Backflow Preventer Testing

A quality fire protection system requires quality backflow preventer testing. Otis Fire Protection Inc. has qualified and experienced fire protection technicians who can help you with your inquiries about backflow preventer testing equipment, and backflow preventer testing procedures. They can also assist with backflow preventer testing cost as well as City of Vancouver Backflow Test Report questions. Check below for more information about full forward flow test.

Knowing forward flow testing

A forward full flow test of the backflow prevention device is required during the building process. These devices must be tested yearly and Otis Fire Protection Inc. is available to ensure that this is accomplished (NFPA 25: 13.7.2)

NFPA 13 (Standard for the Installation of sprinkler systems) requires:

  • A means shall be provided downstream of all backflow prevention valves for conducting a flow test at system demand (forward full flow test).
  • Backflow prevention assemblies shall be forward flow tested to ensure proper operation (NFPA 13:
  • The minimum flow rate required shall be the system demand including hose streams demand where applicable (NFPA 13:

Contact us for more information about our certified backflow prevention services, as well as schedule a backflow inspection.