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Fire Pump Inspection

Fire Pump Inspection

Otis Certified Fire Pump Inspection and Testing Services Vancouver

Fire pumps are used for providing sufficient pressurized water supply to standpipe and sprinkler systems in buildings such as highrises or buildings with low water pressure supply. In case of fire, fire pump will increase water pressure and supply it to standpipe and sprinkler systems. NFPA 20, NFPA 25, B.C. Fire Code and Vancouver bylaw define the standards for inspection, testing, maintenance and installation of stationary pumps for sprinkler systems.

Otis Fire Protection company has certified and trained fire pump technicians who could provide you service in inspection, testing, maintenance and installation of fire pump systems. All our work complies with the Local Fire Code and NFPA standards.

Weekly Inspection Check:

  • The piping is free of mechanical damage and leakage.
  • The piping is free of corrosion.
  • Make sure fuel piping is in good condition.
  • Make sure electrical control and power wiring connections are checked for tightness.

Weekly Inspection Check:

  • The power indicator light on the controller (this signifies the availability of power in the pump)
  • The heat in the pump is not less than 40°F (4°C) and 70°F (21°C) for diesel pumps without engine heaters.
  • Make sure ventilating levers can freely operate without hindrances.
  • The pump suction, discharge, and bypass to make sure their valves are open.
  • Examine piping, fitting, and connections for any visual damage or leakage.
  • The suction and discharge gauge is reading normally.
  • The accuracy of the system pressure gauge.

Annual Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance:

  • Alignment of fire pump and driver.
  • Cable and wire insulation.
  • Engine crankcase breather and exhaust system.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Shaft movement and suction screens.
  • Diesel fuel testing (diesel pump).
  • Fire pump alarm and supervisory signals.
  • Relief valve and power transfer switch.
  • Pump operation without flow.
  • Pump performance with the flow.
  • Batteries.
  • Water filter.
  • Control, power wiring, and electrical connections.
  • Engine lubricating oil and oil filter.
  • Pressure gauges, sensors, motor bearings, and coupling.

NFPA 25:

Emergency Exit Lighting

We have the necessary skills, training and knowledge to perform the required maintenance and service in compliance with NFPA, BC Building Code, and B.C. Fire Codes.

Please contact Otis Fire Protection company to learn more about stationary fire pump system, and book your fire pump inspection.