Vancouver Fire and Safety Services


24 Hour Emergency Service

Your property and life have never been safer. Otis Fire Protection offers the best customer service with excellent quality of work and is just one call away. Otis Fire is a leading Vancouver fire and safety company and serves those throughout the entire Lower Mainland. Our experience in fire protection and fire safety is our strength. From airports to schools, commercial buildings to industrial buildings, low-rise residential to high-rise residential buildings, you will receive the best fire protection services with our decades of experience and honesty.

Otis Fire provides installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems & standpipes, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems, fire hoses, fire hydrants, fire pumps, kitchen suppression systems, spray booths, backflow preventers, and fire safety plans. Call us today for more information about our Vancouver fire and safety services!


24/7 Emergency Service
Fire Safety Plan Services in Vancouver
Fire Safety Plans are the documents for a property that contain important information for owners and employees regarding evacuation of the property occupants.
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Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services in Vancouver
Fire sprinkler systems are effective fire protection systems that do not need any supervision. Fire can break at any time of the day. Sprinkler systems are one of the most reliable firefighting systems that can control or even extinguish a fire.
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Emergency Light Inspection Services in Vancouver
Emergency lighting units and exit signs are battery backup power sources that illuminate in case of a power outage.
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Fire Alarm Inspection Services in Vancouver
Fire alarm systems are necessary to protect your lives and property from devastating fires. These systems are designed to detect fires in early stage and alert thus allows occupants to evacuate safely.
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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service in Vancouver
Fire needs three elements to ignite, which are heat, fuel, and oxygen. Removing any one of these elements will extinguish a fire. This is where a fire extinguisher becomes handy.
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Fire Alarm System Installation Services in Vancouver
Fire alarm systems are life safety systems providing timely warning of a fire. These systems not only save lives, but they also provide protection to your building by alerting you and authorities in an early stage of a fire.
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