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Inspection and Maintenance of Your Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against a fire. It can put out a fire before spreading and creating risk the lives and damaging property. For this reason condition of [...]
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Fire Sprinkler System: 101
Sprinkler systems are arguably the most reliable fire protection system that we have. It is an automatic system, which provides active protection. These systems consist of sprinkler heads that have [...]
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Smoke Alarm Essentials
First things first, smoke alarms save lives, and we should all have these devices in our dwellings. Smoke alarms are self-contained, independent mechanisms generally found in the residential property. These [...]
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Kidde Brand Fire Alarm – Smoke Alarm Trouble Shooting for False Alarms
False alarms (smoke alarms) can be quite annoying especially while sleeping. There are multiple reasons why a smoke alarm goes into false alarms such as; smoke from the cooking, dusty [...]
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Fire Alarm Chirping – Beeping(Smoke Alarm Chirping)
Otis Fire installed a couple of fire alarms to a basement of a house, which serves as a daycare. We added the new smoke alarms to the existing hardwired smoke [...]
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Smoke Alarm (also know as fire alarms) 101
I was replacing smoke alarms at a residential house for a very nice elderly couple. They started asking me questions regarding appropriate action to be taken when smoke alarms go [...]
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Fire Safety Tips for Christmas (Holiday Season) in Vancouver
Christmas is just around the corner. We have started feeling the Christmas spirit. Everywhere in Vancouver is getting decorated; roads, trees, workplaces, residential houses etc. Unfortunately, some of our Christmas [...]
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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips
The winter has just arrived in Vancouver. We start using gas heaters the heat our homes and workplaces. We need to be extra cautious when we use gas appliances.
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Smoke Alarms for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
We always talk about how important smoke alarms are. They alert us when a fire in a smouldering or incipient stage, which gives us enough time to run to safety. [...]
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How to Prevent Kitchen Fires
For many of us cooking is fun, relaxing or even a family bonding activity; however, are you aware that cooking is the leading cause of home fires?
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