Chosing The Correct Type of Fire Extinguisher
Choosing a correct type of fire extinguisher starts with determining what kind of fire you [...]
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Inspection and Maintenance of Your Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against a fire. It can put out a fire [...]
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Fire Sprinkler System: 101
Sprinkler systems are arguably the most reliable fire protection system that we have. It is [...]
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Smoke Alarm Essentials
First things first, smoke alarms save lives, and we should all have these devices in [...]
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Kidde Brand Fire Alarm – Smoke Alarm Trouble Shooting for False Alarms
False alarms (smoke alarms) can be quite annoying especially while sleeping. There are multiple reasons [...]
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Fire Alarm Chirping – Beeping(Smoke Alarm Chirping)
Otis Fire installed a couple of fire alarms to a basement of a house, which [...]
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