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5 Tips That Will Help You Prevent Forest Fire

On June 23, 2016

5 Tips That Will Help You Prevent Forest Fire

According to The Canadian National Fire Database, more than 8000 fires take place every year. These fires burn an average of 2.1 million hectares, which equals to almost size of 2 million soccer fields. 90 percent of fires are human-caused. If we comply with all local laws and regulations, we could reduce the number of fires significantly. Below are some of the most critical factors that cause forest fires by a human.

Yard waste burning

  • Do not burn yard waste in windy weather conditions.
  • Flammable materials in the yard must be removed before performing yard waste burn.
  • Always have a shovel, water and/or fire extinguishers nearby.


  • Do not throw cigarette butts, matches or other smoking materials from your vehicle. The careless
    throwing of cigarette buts from cars can cause a forest fire.
  • A cigarette butt thrown in bark mulch often used in planters and shrubbery can smoulder for hours
    before catching fire.Campfires.


    • Unattended campfires can cause the fire to spread throughout the forest. Ensure that the campfire is
      completely extinguished before you leave your campground. You can use water to cool and extinguish the
      fire. Make sure you stir the aches, so all of them get wat and cools.


  • You would be wondering how a trailer can cause a fire. Fallen off chains from trailers can spark every
    time it hits the ground while travelling and could result in a forest fire. All ways ensure that your
    trailer chain does not hit the ground and it is tied to your vehicle and trailer properly.


  • Yes, fireworks can cause forest fires. Most of you would remember 15-year-old kid started a massive
    wildfire by merely playing with fireworks. The incident took place in Oregon; the U.S. resulted in
    destroying 50,000 acres of forest. Playing with fireworks nearby woods is extremely dangerous.

Always follow local regulations to avoid wildfire and call 911 if you notice an unattended fire.