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Fire Prevention Week Vancouver

On June 26, 2019

Fire Prevention Week Vancouver

Did you know fire prevention week is started in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire? The fire killed around 300 people during the course of the fire. The fire started on October 8 and ended on October 10, 1871. During this 3 days period, it destroyed more than 17000 structures and left 100,000 people homeless.

We have Fire Prevention Week to create awareness in public regarding fire safety and protection. Thanks to the National Fire Protection Association, Fire Prevention Week has been observed during the week of October 9th since 1922.

This year’s theme is:
Look. Listen. Learn.
Be aware.
Fire can happen anywhere.

Look: Look around your property for places that fire could start. If you see any fire hazards, rectify the issue.

Listen: Smoke alarms are arguably the most important devices in a home for fire safety. It will alert people when the fire is its smouldering stage. Listen to the sound of the smoke alarms and run to safety. You will only have a few minutes to escape. Do not forget, fire spreads faster than you think.

Learn: In case of fire, you may not be able to use your regular exit door; hence, learn another way to exit every single room. Make sure the alternative exits are free of clutter.

In Fire Prevention Week, firefighters educate the public about fire safety. This year’s Fire Prevention Week is during October 7th – October 13th, 2018.
We all need to know fire can happen to any one of us and it could be devastating. We should take safety measures to mitigate or even prevent fires. This could be achieved by educating ourselves in fire safety.
This week is an excellent opportunity for all of us. Fire protection and safety education is not just for our children. Anyone of us in society should be educated on fire safety. Most of the fire departments, during Fire Prevention Week, are holding public events to educate residents.  Some of the events are as follows.

Richmond Fire Department

  • October 12 – JN Burnett Secondary School
  • October 13 – Richmond Fire Hall 1

Langley Fire Department

  • October 11 – Langley City Fire Rescue Service

West Vancouver Fire Department

  • October 12 – Vancouver Memorial Library. For kids ages 3-5

And many other fire departments are hosting educational events this week. Please check your local fire department for details.

National Fire Protection Association also has tons of educational resources on their website (www.nfpa.org). They have videos, apps, articles and more. Do not forget, fire safety education is for all of us, not only for kids. Over 65 and under 5 years old are the most vulnerable ages. They have the highest risk of injury or death in a fire. Between age 20 and 49 has the highest non-fatal injury rate in a fire. This proves that EVERY ONE OF US needs to be educated in fire safety.