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Fire Sprinkler System: 101

On June 25, 2019

Fire Sprinkler System: 101

Sprinkler systems are arguably the most reliable fire protection system that we have. It is an automatic system, which provides active protection. These systems consist of sprinkler heads that have glass bulbs with different temperature ratings. When heat reaches the specified temperature, the glass breaks and lets the water run through to suppress the fire. There are four types of sprinkler systems which are; Wet Sprinkler System, Dry Sprinkler System, Pre-action Sprinkler System, and Deluge Sprinkler System. For more information regarding the types of sprinkler systems, please click here.

Sprinkler systems have some parts that are important for the operation of a system.

Fire Sprinkler System Flow Switch
It is also called a water flow detector. When a sprinkler head bulb gets break and water start running, it flows through this switch. The switch detects water flow and sends a signal to a fire alarm panel. Fire alarm panel puts the system into an alarm condition that means all the bells, strobes, etc. gets activated.

Fire Sprinkler System Pressure Switch
It is a supervisory switch for dry systems. When a system loses air, and the air pressure drops to a point where the pressure switch is set to get activated, it puts a fire alarm system into low air trouble. When this happens, fire safety service company should be called immediately to determine the reason for air lose.

Air and Water Gauges
These gauges show to air and water pressure in a system. Because gauges indicate system pressure, it allows us to determine systems status. Gauges are crucial in dry systems as they monitor air pressure within a system. They allow us to determine at what air pressure compressor starts running and pressurizing the system as well as determining dry sprinkler valve trip pressure. As per NFPA gauges must be replaced or calibrated every five years.

Water Shut Off Valve
Shut off valves must be supervised against tampering. Nowadays, most fire sprinkler systems are connected to a fire alarm panel. Connecting a shut off valve to a tamper switch allows us to supervise the water supply. If anyone tries to shut the valve off, the fire alarm panel will go into trouble. If a sprinkler system is not connected to a fire alarm system, a chain lock should be used on the shut-off valve to ensure unwanted tampering. It is essential to understand that if the water shut off valve is turned off, the sprinkler system will not work in case of fire.

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