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How To Maintain Your Smoke Alarm

On July 24, 2015

How To Maintain Your Smoke Alarm

Always refer to manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance of your smoke alarm! Maintenance of a smoke alarm is quite easy and straightforward. Followings are the points every occupant should practise to ensure proper operation of a smoke alarm.

  • Test your smoke alarm monthly by pressing the test button on your device
  • Replace the battery annually, unless it is a hard-wired no battery unit. Ensure that you replace the battery with the correct size and type.
  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer)!
    • Another common issue is; beeping smoke alarms. When a smoke alarm chirps, it is the low battery warning of the unit. Do not panic when your smoke alarm chirps, just replace the battery. If it occurs after a short time of replacing the battery, make sure that the smoke alarm is properly connected to AC power (if it is hard wired).
  • If one of the smoke alarms, that are interconnected, is faulty determine the malfunctioning unit and replace it with same brand and kind.
  • Always cover your smoke alarm when you do renovation, especially drywalling. Dust will destroy your smoke alarm.

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