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Rise In Structure Fire In Vancouver?

On June 26, 2019

Rise In Structure Fire In Vancouver?

It is shocking the number of structure fires that we have had in the Metro Vancouver area within a month. There is not a day that we do not hear a fire take place. The good news is most of them results in structural damages only. Some of the recent Vancouver fires:

  • Langley Fire: A massive fire started in a residential house in Langley while a man was making pizza. The fire broke in his garage. Fortunately, he was warned by his neighbour who saw the smoke coming out of his garage. The fire resulted in destroying two houses including the neighbouring house.
  • Vancouver Fire: A fire ruined commercial units and spread to the neighbouring buildings in Kitsilano, Vancouver.
  • East Vancouver Fire: A family lost everything to a fire. Another East Vancouver Fire destroyed a property and killed a man.
  • Surrey Fire: Fire destroyed townhouse development site in Surrey.
  • Another fire destroyed a large property in Newton, Surrey.
  • Surrey barge fire sent black smokes to surrounding cities.
  • Coquitlam Fire: Early morning fire in a strip mall destroyed multiple residential units in Coquitlam.
  • Burnaby Fire: A moving fire destroyed and spread to the neighbouring house within five minutes.
  • Delta Fire: A fire started at a rear backyard shed and destroyed two houses in Ladner, Delta.
  • North Vancouver Fire: A massive house fire in a residential home destroyed a property in North Vancouver. The fire broke in the garage. Fortunately, the house was equipped with smoke alarms, which alerted the residents who ran to safety.

These are some the fires that I have come across within a month. Many of us think we will never experience a devastating fire. I hope we will not; however, the reality is that fire exists and our property are vulnerable to fire. If we take the necessary actions, we can protect ourselves even and our property.

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