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Smoke Alarm (Also Know As Fire Alarms) 101

On February 23, 2017

Smoke Alarm (Also Know As Fire Alarms) 101

I was replacing smoke alarms at a residential house for a very nice elderly couple. They started asking me questions regarding appropriate action to be taken when smoke alarms go into alarm stage. Also, they requested me to write a blog about it so people can learn.

When you hear your smoke alarms going off at your home, you should check around your residence to see if there is any trace of smoke or fire. If you get the alarm while sleeping, do not stand up as there might be smoke due to a fire which could poison you. Once you find out that the alarm is false, you can then find out which fire alarm caused the false alarm. The unit will flash red on it. If nuisance alarm repeats and the same fire alarm causes it, replace the unit with the same brand.

If you see a trace of smoke or fire, do not get closer than 8 to 10 feet. Use your fire extinguisher to put it out. If the fire has been expanded, evacuate your residence and call 911.

Always test your fire alarms once a week by pressing the test button. It is recommended to replace batteries yearly.

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