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Smoke Alarm Essentials

On June 25, 2019

Smoke Alarm Essentials

First things first, smoke alarms save lives, and we should all have these devices in our dwellings. Smoke alarms are self-contained, independent mechanisms generally found in the residential property. These devices can be interconnected to each other by either hardwired or wirelessly. When one of the smoke alarms get activated, the rest of the connected devices goes into a signal. Interconnected smoke alarms can be found in multiple room residential property and houses.

Before we go into the details about smoke alarms, it is essential to state a misconception about these devices. Many people call smoke alarms: smoke detectors or fire alarms. Smoke detectors are sensing devices, like smoke alarms, which are connected to a fire alarm system. When a smoke detector gets activated, signalling devices (bells, horns, strobe etc.) in a fire alarm system get activated and alert occupants. Smoke detectors are generally found in commercial buildings, schools, industrial buildings, hospitals etc.

Ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms are two main smoke detection systems. Ionization technology is more sensitive to flaming fires, whereas photoelectric smoke alarms are more responsive to smouldering fires. It is recommended to use both types of smoke alarms in your property. A common place for a photoelectric smoke alarm is a kitchen area. Many people are tired of false alarms caused by an ionization smoke alarms in their kitchen area while they are cooking. I have seen many people who either remove the battery of a smoke alarm or completely removing it due to annoying false alarms, which makes them highly vulnerable to fires. Using a photoelectric smoke alarm in a kitchen area will mitigate false alarms significantly.

Another question we get from residents is that where to install smoke alarms in their home. Smoke alarms should be installed in each sleeping rooms and every level of a house. If multiple smoke alarms needed, they should be interconnected. Smoke alarms come with a manual which has information regarding installation location. Please read it before installing a device.

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