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The Importance Of Fire Inspections

On January 06, 2020

The Importance Of Fire Inspections

It’s easy to believe that it won’t happen to you, but the sobering knowledge is that there are about 24,000 residential fires[i] and hundreds more industrial and business fires (with an average of 377 deaths and 3,048 injuries per year) each year in Canada[ii]. Did you know that fire inspections could reduce or even prevent fire incidents?

43% of all fires in B.C. last year didn’t have working smoke detectors or fire alarm systems[iii]. Are you taking the steps necessary to ensure that the next catastrophe due to fire isn’t on your property?

It’s important to ensure your home and business are up to code, clean of dust, and that all your appliances are properly installed and working properly, especially the dryers in residential buildings. We’re talking about your dryer ducts here, not lint traps. Up to 17,000 dryer fires are started each year due to clogged dryer ducts[iv]

Fire inspections should be an important part of your fire protection plan. It’s crucial to know the danger hazardous environments can pose to your property. Whether it’s a newer building or not, fire doesn’t discriminate. 

  • It’s the law to ensure your business or residential building is in compliance with NFPA and your provincial fire code legislature. If a fire department inspects your property and finds out-of-code hazards or immediate dangers, you could be ordered to pay a fine or your business temporarily shut down.
  • It’s much more cost-effective to have annual fire inspections that keep all your fire safety equipment and installations up to date and in working order. If your fire protection services can find minor problems, i.e. your fire alarm system, and repair them before further expenses are required, your life will be safer as well as you will be saving money in the long-run and keep your business protected from any extreme damages caused by fire.
  • Fire inspections identify any fire hazards before a problem violates fire codes, or worse, cause a fire. It’s important for business owners to know and be able to identify hazards on their own as well, and fire protection services will often offer educational advice and training to managers.
  • The first signal that there is a fire emergency in a commercial building is the fire alarm. A fire inspection will ensure your fire alarm system, sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting systems, fire pumps, and special suppression systems are working properly so that everyone can get out of the building safely. An unnoticed fire could cause further damage as well as fatal harm to your staff and visitors.
  • Enlisting an ASTTBC certified and insured fire protection services, such as Otis Fire Protection, whose team is aware of all legislation and is equipped and experienced in providing fire inspections, installation, and repairs in dealing with the many possible fire hazards in your building will assure your business remains to be a safe place to work or live.

An annual fire inspection usually includes: 

  • Fire extinguisher inspection.
  • Fire alarm system inspection and testing.
  • Fire sprinkler inspection.
  • Emergency lighting inspection.
  • Fire pump inspection.
  • Fire hose inspection.
  • Fire hydrant inspection.
  • Kitchen suppression system inspection.
  • Special suppression system inspection.

Are you interested in learning more about how Otis Fire Protection can conduct a fire inspection at your Vancouver business, industrial, or residential property? Reach out to a member of our team for more information.