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Winterization Of Sprinkler Systems In Vancouver

On June 25, 2019

Winterization Of Sprinkler Systems In Vancouver

There is no doubt that fire protection is critical for every one of us. There is nothing more precious than our lives. We need to ensure the proper functioning of our fire safety systems when needed most. Fire sprinklers are one of them. These systems are an essential part of fire protection. Sprinkler systems are so effective they control 96% (nfpa.org) of the fire where they operate. Sprinkler systems do not only save lives, but also protect property from fire damage.

Winter is right around the corner for Vancouver, and your dry sprinkler system can be vulnerable to cold weather. The common question we get from our customers is “why do I need winterization for a dry sprinkler system in Vancouver?” Water vapour develops inside the dry sprinkler pipes throughout the year resulting in condensation that could cause water accumulation at low points of dry sprinkler systems. When the temperature hits 0 celsius, water will freeze and crack the pipe. Loss of air from the cracked pipe will cause air pressure changes in the system then the system will flood with water. It will result in severe damage to the sprinkler system as well as your property.

You need winterization if you have the following.

  • Dry Sprinkler system or low point of your system in an unheated area.
  • The weather can get below 0 Celsius.
  • If your system is in a heated area, you need to inspect the building to make sure there is no broken windows or wall cracks that a draft could enter through.

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