Fire Safety Tips

Smoke Alarm Essentials
First things first, smoke alarms save lives, and we should all have these devices in [...]
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Kidde Brand Fire Alarm – Smoke Alarm Trouble Shooting for False Alarms
False alarms (smoke alarms) can be quite annoying especially while sleeping. There are multiple reasons [...]
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Fire Alarm Chirping – Beeping(Smoke Alarm Chirping)
Otis Fire installed a couple of fire alarms to a basement of a house, which [...]
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Smoke Alarm (also know as fire alarms) 101
I was replacing smoke alarms at a residential house for a very nice elderly couple. [...]
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Fire Safety Tips for Christmas (Holiday Season) in Vancouver
Christmas is just around the corner. We have started feeling the Christmas spirit. Everywhere in [...]
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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips
The winter has just arrived in Vancouver. We start using gas heaters the heat our [...]
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Smoke Alarms for Deaf or Hard of Hearing
We always talk about how important smoke alarms are. They alert us when a fire [...]
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How to Prevent Kitchen Fires
For many of us cooking is fun, relaxing or even a family bonding activity; however, [...]
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5 Tips That Will Help You Prevent Forest Fire
According to The Canadian National Fire Database, more than 8000 fires take place every year. [...]
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