Certified Fire-Lite Fire Alarm System Programming and Verification

Certified Fire-Lite Fire Alarm System Programming and Verification

Fire-Lite Fire Alarm System Installation, Programming, and Verification

Otis Fire protection can install or program and verify Fire-Lite fire alarm control panels in the Lower Mainland. Fire-Lite fire alarm systems serve a variety of different needs such as from small to midsize commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. 

Fire-Lite has conventional and addressable (intelligent) fire alarm control panels. Conventional fire alarm panels come in 5 and 10 zones. Addressable panels can support from 50 to 636 addressable points. 

Otis Fire has technicians, who are trained by the manufacturer, can program, and verify any Fire-Lite fire alarm systems. Our service includes:

  • Replacement of existing fire alarm panel. The existing panel is replaced with a new panel without replacing the devices. In this type of application, the devices must be checked before panel replacement to ensure they are compatible with the new system. Any incompatible devices should be replaced with the panel. 
  • Replacement of an existing fire alarm system. This includes replacing all the devices and components of an existing fire alarm system. Depending on the needs, an addressable or a conventional system can be used for an entire system replacement. 
  • Tenant improvement. If you need adding more devices to an existing Fire-Lite system, we could help you by providing the devices, programming, and verification of the system. 

Otis Fire has experienced technicians with manufacturer training to provide you the best possible service to complete your project on time. 

If you need further information, please contact us

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