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Restaurant Suppression Systems Installation

Restaurant Suppression Systems Installation

Otis Certified Restaurant Suppression Systems Installation Services Vancouver

Restaurant Suppression Systems Installation

NFPA 17A regulates requirements of suppression systems for commercial cooking purposes. Places, with commercial cooking equipment, can be protected by installing wet chemical fire suppression systems. Protection of commercial cooking systems is determined by NFPA 17A and system manufacturer’s manual. Otis Fire Protection company has experienced technicians who obtained different manufacturers’ training. We will identify the best suppression system for you to equip your system with satisfactory protection.

Fire suppressions systems shall have automatic and manual system actuation. If the system does not trip in case of fire, it can be activated by pulling a manual pull station. Therefore, NPFA 17A: requires a restaurant suppression system to comply with NFPA requirements and the manufacturer’s design and installation manual.

Restaurant systems can be required to be supervised by a fire alarm panel. Systems must be designed and installed to send alarm or trouble signals in following conditions:

  • Alarm signal when a fire is detected by the system.
  • Trouble signal when system experience failure of supervised devices.

Otis Fire Protection, one of the best fire protection companies in Vancouver, also provides semi-annual inspection and maintenance of your systems. Please check the Fire Suppression System Inspection page for more information.

Please contact us for more information regarding system requirement and installation of fire suppression system for your restaurant.