• on February 22, 2017

Smoke Alarms for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

We always talk about how important smoke alarms are. They alert us when a fire in a smouldering or incipient stage, which gives us enough time to run to safety. How about people with hard of hearing or even deaf. They will not be able to hear the sound of a smoke alarm. You are probably saying now that they can use smoke alarms with a strobe light. That is a solution for deaf people when they are awake.
How about when they are sleeping? They won’t be able to see the light. Thanks to the advancement in technology, they can get alerted when there is a fire. There are products called pillow or bed shaker. These devices get activated when a regular smoke alarm sounds. The device detects the smoke alarm sound and starts shaking the bed or pillow to wake the person. Thus, the operation of the smoke alarms is essential. Please ensure that your smoke alarm has not expired and replace its battery at least once a year. Test your smoke alarm by pressing the test button once a month.

Please contact Otis Fire for more information in smoke alarms.

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