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The Best 8 Fire Safety Tips To Prevent Kitchen Fires

On March 24, 2016

The Best 8 Fire Safety Tips To Prevent Kitchen Fires

Canadian fire statistics show that cooking is the leading cause of home fires. Twenty percent of the home fires start from cooking, and the second highest cause is heating equipment. According to NFPA, 47 percent of home fires caused by cooking equipment, which resulted in 20 percent of the home fire deaths in the US.


The followings are the factors we should follow to avoid fire in our homes.

  • Do not leave any item nearby cooking area that could catch fire. There are many any items that could catch fire such as kitchen towels, paper towels, food packaging, oven mitts etc. Keep all types of materials that could catch fire, away from your stove.
  • NEVER leave cooking appliances unattended. Stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on what you are cooking.
  • Keep your cooking appliance clean. Built up grease is the cause of many fires in kitchens; hence, clean your appliances regularly.
  • Dress appropriately. Loose sleeves could catch fire while cooking. Always pay attention to what you are wearing.
  • Fire Extinguisher. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. In case of fire, immediately grab your extinguisher and use it. For more information on how to use a fire extinguisher, please click here. If you cannot put out the fire, leave the house immediately and close the door behind. Call 911.
  • Never cook if you are sleepy, under the influence of drug or alcohol.
  • Oven Fire. If your oven catches fire, do not open the door, turn of the oven immediately.
  • Smoke alarm. Always have a smoke alarm installed nearby. Use photoelectric smoke alarms in the kitchen area to avoid false alarms.

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